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В преддверии новогодних праздников, предлагаем посмотреть короткую видеозарисовку о путетешествиях с РЕДУТ-БЕЗОПАСНОСТЬ и уникальной природе Приэльбрусья. Безопасность является одной из…

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SAFETY MUST pay, and its absence to pay.



Our company offers a wide spectrum of services in the field of integrated security products. Our main activities are: consultation, design and implementation of technical security systems, selection and delivery of equipment and equipment for security and power structures, supply of special equipment as well as armored vehicles for different purposes.

In modern conditions the issues of security are becoming increasingly important, and uncoordinated actions of various units of the security can not satisfy the business – it is no secret that the joints of the various regions the highest risk of occurrence of various incidents and data breaches. Well aware of this, we offer our clients a comprehensive approach to security and ready to carry out a full security audit of our clients ‘ business – from physical security to information. Our experts are prepared to act both independently and jointly with the relevant departments of the customer. But we are not only ready to provide the client with a report on the state of security and recommendations of our experts, but, if necessary, to pick up and deliver the necessary equipment to prepare employees for the security of the client, to provide advice in the development of the necessary regulatory documentation in accordance with industry best practices and taking into account Russian specifics. Our employees have rich experience in various areas of security of businesses and individuals who regularly enhance their qualification and exchange experience with Russian and foreign colleagues.

Safety is the state of a complex system, when the action of external and internal factors does not lead to deterioration of the system or the impossibility of its functioning and development.

the Range of our products is very wide and allows to solve any tasks in the field of security – this includes equipment to counter the technical means of unauthorized access to information, specialized vehicles and various equipment to the security of the customer, technical and security control, information security system, to restrict and audit access to critical data.