Bulletproof vest “RATIBORETS” protection Class 2 according to GOST R50744-95 (hereinafter – the Product) is designed to protect individual person torso from hitting by firearms bullets and shrapnel.

The Product consists of two sections – the chest and back, connected by the shoulder and side elastic adjustment straps with textile clasp. Straps allow individual adjustment of the Product to the body. Sections include external cases with protective elements inside – protective screens (chest and back).

Screens in front and back are laminate of ballistic fabric placed in waterproof covers. Screens provide protection against bullets of Makarov pistol caliber 9,0 mm and a revolver “Nagan” of 7.62 mm at a distance of 5 m (protection Class 1 according to GOST R 50744).

On the outer surface of the chest section there is a pocket with fabric enhancer with protection area of at least 2.7 dm2 class 2 (GOST R50744-95). Fabric enhancer of chest section provides protection from penetration and reduce the probability of behind armor traumas from bullets with steel core kal.5,45 PSM pistols, 45 mm, TT kal.7,62 mm at a distance of 5 m (protection Class 2 according to GOST R 50744).

Inside the protective screen there is a pocket for installing metal armor elements, the entrance to which is located at the bottom of the screen and closes with textile fastener. Armor elements split multilayer package of the screen on two sections: “anti-ricochet” and “behind-armor”. Protective screens for chest and back with armor elements installed firmly fastened with textile fasteners of “Contact” type.

Installation of protective screens for chest and back to the external pockets of the vest, should be done through outside entrance, situated in bottom part of the vest and closed with zipper.

Armor elements are curved in horizontal and vertical planes (multi-curved shape) with curvature that provides proper fit to person’s body (in back, abdomen and chest areas). Area of protection of metal armor elements, providing Class 5 protection – 12 dm2, weight – 5,6 ± 0,3 kg. Protective structure of the Product with steel armor plates designed to protect vital organs in frontal and rear projections comply with protection Class 5 GOST 50744-95.

Cover color – black.

Outer side material – «Oxford» 600D fabric, internal side – netting.

The Product could be produced in three nominal sizes.

Dimensional features for nominal sizes:

– 1st conditional size – chest 84 to 94 cm and a height of 155 to 167 cm;

– 2nd conditional size – chest from 94 to 106 cm and a height of 167 to 179 cm;

– 3rd conditional size – chest from 106 to 122 cm and a height of    179 to 191 cm

Weight of fabric part of the Product (without carrying bag), kg:

– 1st conditional size – 2,1 ± 0,2

– 2nd conditional size – 2,2 ± 0,2

– 3rd conditional size – 2,5 ± 0,2

Area of protective screens for protection class 1, kv.dm:

– 1st conditional size – at least 30

– 2nd conditional size – at least 32

– 3rd conditional size – not less than 37

The Product retains resistance to means of destruction after exposure to moisture (rain, sleet, etc.) and in the temperature range from -40 ° C to +50 ° C.

Package Contents

Name Q-ty
1 The Product, in set 1 pc.
2 Additional protective metal elements 1 set
3 Bag 1 pc.
4 Spare parts (Spare flap 100 x 100 mm; sewing string of lavsan 70 L black, 2 m long) 1 pc.
5 Manual 1 pc.

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