PO 3-12×50


The scope Zenit PO 3-10×40 SM is intented for using the caliber rifle to .338LM inclusive. It is designed specially  for “Tiger” rifle types. Being the best in its segment this scope is endowed with all technical peculiarities for reasonable price including reticle illumination, FFP, reference point system*, parallax adjustment. High quality optic with variable magnification from 3 to 10 enables to shoot without using special glasses in bright daylight. The design developed by Russian standards can withstand the load of even the toughest hunting calibers. The adjustment of mecanism  alignment is  made for the ammo of caliber 308, one turn of the turret equals installation at 800 metres. The scope can be completed with ballistic  turrets of the adjustment alignment, mounts (type one-piece mount) with various tilt angles  to 30 MOA.