PO 5-20×56


The scope Zenit PO 5-20×56 is intended for high-precision firing using a rifle of caliber .50 BMG inclusive. The range of magnification change from 5 to 20 allows to detect and identify the target effectively up to 2000 metres during daylight and twilight time. Reticle installed in FFP allows to take the target at any magnification and it has a multi-level illumination in the twilight time.


Different types of reticle provide firing taking into account ballistic bullet peculiarities, the precise adjustment оf mechanism alignment with reference point system* provides the equal step adjustment 10 mm/100m, stability and reliability in the halt and on the move targets during the hunt. For a comfortable targeting in bright sunny day and sensitive shooters Russian-made glasses are used, the coefficient of light-transmission is at the level of 90%. The scope is produced with various types of reticle, by the way it can be completed with different types of the mounts (type one-piece mount) with tilt angle to 30 MOA.