Basic course of mountaineering “CHEGET-1”

Introduction: At this seminar, students learn about the main techniques and features of mountaineering. The student will receive theoretical material, knowledge of the rules of safety, as well as the practice of ascents. The student will participate in organization of crossings on mountain rivers, will pass mountain routes, will receive skills of rendering of the first medical aid in mountains. Will participate in the ascent of the team, followed by research and analysis of its results.

The seminar is conducted by highly qualified instructors who have extensive experience in search and rescue operations in mountainous conditions (including extreme ones), who know the terrain well and participate in the training of professional climbers of various profiles. At the end of the seminar a Certificate will be issued.


Purpose: The seminar is designed to ensure that a cadet who visits the mountains on an individual program can really assess their strengths and analyze their capabilities. When the weather changed and the situation in the mountains could make adequate decisions. Cadets already experienced in climbing, improved skills, gained more knowledge and practice in the mountains, secured safety equipment, as well as could provide first aid to themselves and a member of the team.


Acclimatization and introduction to mountaineering.

“What is mountaineering?”.

  • Medical training. Medical examination of cadets.
  • Briefing (security measures in the mountains), working off on the grassy slope walking in the hitch, overcoming crossings, freelance situations (failures).
  • Studying of varieties of knots and practical knitting of knots (passing the exam).
  • Organization of a river crossing, with the organization of a cover to prevent a freelance situation.
  • Weekend, preparation for the exit to the altitude.
  • Ascent to the 105th Picket – the height to 4200m, the passage of the “Ice Base” – an altitude of 3800m (the passage of slopes of varying complexity). Organization of accommodation, with security measures.
  • Medical preparation “Extreme medicine” (during the whole program).
  • Masking on the terrain, features of the mountain landscape. Survival in a mountainous wooded area.
  • Exam preparation.
  • Passing the exam and closing the seminar.


Method: This course includes 40% of theoretical material and 60% of practical training.

Subject: Main seminar, practical base, applied material.

Number of cadets: 7-15.

Duration: 10 days

Requirements: To be morally and physically ready to carry out the program of the seminar. Absence of diseases that can lead to loss of health and life of the student (asthmatics and epileptics are not allowed).

Outfit: Backpack min. 80 l., A lantern, sunglasses, weather-appropriate clothing, a wind and weatherproof suit in case of bad weather.

The cost of the seminar: 55 000 rubles.

Included in the price:

Ticket Moscow – Nalchik – Moscow, transfer airport Nalchik-Predelbrusye-Nalchik Airport, equipment rental, meals, accommodation, instructor’s work, certificate, photo – 3 pcs.

Note: the ticket price, can vary depending on the timing and seasonality.

Extras. Services:

– Disc (photo / video) – 2000 rubles;

– Russian bath – 2500 rubles / 2 hours;

– Organization of shish kebab (sheep) – 7000 rub. (Whole carcass);

– Fishing (trout) – 700 rub. For 1 kg;

– Lift:

    Cheget – 600 rubles. With 1 person.

    Elbrus – 1200 rubles. With 1 person.

– Other souvenirs by agreement